Vengeance of Hope – P.J. Berman

It isn’t easy to create an entire world out of nothing. Certain dynamics such as culture, religion, timeline, race etc., have to be followed and creative they may be, the world must have its limits. Its even harder when the world is based on a time before our own and that’s why you do not... Continue Reading →

The Old Man and the Sea

With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes a clearer sight. The Old Man taught me that. With this gained knowledge, I sat down to read this beautiful book two years after I had first read it. I experienced more than I did previously. The parts which I found were boring shed new meaning, the... Continue Reading →

A Nation Of Idiots

Are you ever satisfied with the answers you get when you ask a controversial question? I'm not. Most of the time I find the logic behind the answer is dumber than what prompted me to ask a question in the first place. Any argument beyond this would prove to be utterly pointless. I was a... Continue Reading →

The Night Circus

Ah the Night Circus! A place filled with spectacles beyond human comprehension, a place of where enchantments are binding and visions are astounding, a place where colors lose meaning while an eerie monochromatic beauty fills the air, a place in a book that needs to be experienced than read. I witnessed the beauty of the... Continue Reading →

The Priory of the Orange Tree

In a sentence, A warm embrace of adventure, fantasy and love. The Priory of the Orange Tree swept me off my feet and took me on an adventure like nothing before. I traveled from the Western Queendom of Inys, with its cold winters and beautiful fall, to the beautiful dragon island of Seiki, far in... Continue Reading →

Go Beyond the Shadows

Ever felt that rising need to complete a book, to reach the ending, to know what happens next but in parallel you don't want the story to end, the world to collapse onto itself when you turn over that last page of that book?You first feel elated as you reach the end, with complete knowledge... Continue Reading →

Drop off the Shadow’s Edge

Shadow's Edge What is that one book that made you go, "Damn, I didn't expect that! Can't wait to read the next one!"Shadow's edge did that to me. The impact of that last past was so great that I rushed through to the next book, Beyond the Shadows, without writing a review for this one.... Continue Reading →

Feel The Way of Shadows

I still remember the first time I picked up a book by Brent Weeks. It was called The Black Prism and it stayed on my bookshelf for over a year until I picked it. When I started reading it, I regretted all the days that I left it untouched. Within no time, I had read... Continue Reading →

Feel the Adrenaline with Gone Girl

There aren't many books out there that make you sit on the corner of your seat with your finger on the page waiting to know what new thrills or suspense the author has unveiled in the following chapters. There aren't many books that pull you in, let you see what the character sees, feel what... Continue Reading →

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